May 3, 2019

Opinion: California court rule threatens trucker’s business

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Apr 15, 2019

San Fernando Valley Business Journal: Why Can’t I Just Be a Contractor?

You know that feeling when you’ve been pampered for a big night? You get... Read More


Apr 11, 2019

More gig workers seek exemption from ‘ABC’ law classifying them as employees

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Mar 15, 2019

Dynamex decision threatens workers’ flexibility

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Feb 8, 2019

My Ability as an Independent Contractor is at Risk. The Legislature Can Do Something About It

Being an active member of the workforce with a mental illness is an everyday... Read More

Press Releases

Sep 14, 2018

New Statewide Survey of California Independent Contractors Released

  Media Alert New Statewide Survey of California Independent Contractors... Read More


Aug 17, 2018

Independent contractors urge state legislators to pause recent Dynamex court decision

A single mother with an injury that requires ongoing medical attention, Bonita... Read More


Aug 17, 2018

Rally in Sacramento

ER doctors, speech therapists, truck drivers, taxi drivers, rideshare drivers,... Read More


Aug 13, 2018

Legislature needs to stop chaos on independent contractors

California is home to nearly two million residents who choose to work for... Read More


Aug 13, 2018

2 million CA workers may be impacted by independent contractor changes

Nearly two million workers in California might be impacted by a state supreme... Read More