Aug 17, 2018      Blog      

Rally in Sacramento

ER doctors, speech therapists, truck drivers, taxi drivers, rideshare drivers, beauty consultants, music teachers and more came to the State Capitol this week to ask our elected representatives to help us!

We held a rally at the Capitol steps with over 200 of us and then met with our elected officials to tell them why it’s so important for them to pass legislation for a temporary pause and limit the application of the Dynamex court decision to only Dynamex workers.

We have also sent thousands of letters to our elected officials, asking them to take action to protect our ability to work freely. We can not wait for next year. Our livelihoods are at stake now. We need our legislators to hear us loud and clear.

We want a pause. We believe there needs to be time for a robust discussion about what is best to protect workers in a modern workforce. A delay will be devastating for so many millions of Californians and small businesses.


Thanks to an incredible show of support from independent workers from all across California, we believe our legislators are listening.

We need you. Nearly two million of us are depending on real action from Sacramento to protect our freedom to work independently. Send a letter to your elected officials: