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New Statewide Survey of California Independent Contractors Released


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New Statewide Survey of California Independent Contractors Released

Survey Found Over 90 percent of California Independent Contractors Prefer Being Independent Contractor Over Being A Traditional Employee

Sacramento, Calif., August 21, 2018 – A recent statewide survey conducted by EMC Research of California independent contractors found that they overwhelmingly prefer being an independent contractor over being a traditional employee. Independent contractors and freelancers work in various industries that range from healthcare, technology, construction, transportation, beauty, finance, insurance, entertainment and many more. Specifically, research findings include:

The overwhelming majority of California independent contractors are satisfied with their work. Overall, 87% of respondents say they are satisfied with their independent contractor work.

Independent contractors place a high value on having flexibility in their jobs. The vast majority (88%) consider the flexibility of hours to be an important aspect of their work; 81% say the flexibility of location is important; and 65% say that the ability to do independent contractor work in addition to other work or attending school is important.

California independent contractors are concerned about losing job flexibility and making less money. When asked about possible outcomes of the Dynamex decision, a majority (57%) of contractors say they are concerned they will lose flexibility over when, where, and how long they work, and 53% say they are concerned they will take home less money.

Given the choice, most would opt to remain independent contractors rather than become employees. Only 7% of respondents say they would prefer to become an employee and no longer be classified as an independent contractor.


Research Methodology: These findings are from a survey conducted July 31-August 5, 2018 by EMC Research among 1,040 independent contractors in California. The survey was conducted online and was offered in both English and Spanish. Media

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