Tell Your Legislator to Fix Dynamex to Protect Flexibility for Mobile App Rideshare and Delivery Drivers

California Mobile App Rideshare and Delivery Drivers Share Why They Want to Keep Their Flexibility & Independence

Report Finds: Without a fix, it will reduce work opportunities and increase wait times and costs for passengers

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Without a legislative solution, mobile app rideshare and delivery drivers’ flexibility and independence could be taken away.

As independent contractors, mobile app rideshare and delivery drivers work when and where they want—providing more flexibility, better quality of life, more control over their work, and the ability to earn extra money when they need it.

Independent Workers Want to Keep Control of Their Own Schedule

Surveys consistently show that overwhelmingly independent contractors want to stay independent and prefer it over traditional employment citing flexibility as their top reason.
• According to an EMC Research Poll surveying independent contractors, given the choice, most would opt to remain independent contractors rather than become employees. Only 7% of respondents say they would prefer to become an employee and no longer be classified as an independent contractor.
• The vast majority (88%) consider the flexibility of hours to be an important aspect of their work; 81% say the flexibility of location is important; and 65% say that the ability to do independent contractor work in addition to other work or attending school is important.

A New Modern Approach for Independent Workers

I’m Independent Coalition is encouraging the Legislature to adopt a solution that preserves flexibility while improving labor protections and security for the gig economy. Specifically, we are seeking a solution that includes:
• Benefits: Support portable benefits by allowing for a system of worker-determined benefits to provide security and modern labor protections.
• Representation: Support the development of an association for independent contractors to provide more of a voice in decisions that impact their livelihoods.
• Pay Standard: Support more transparency on driver pay and earnings for the work between accepting a ride or delivery and dropping off the passenger, meals, goods or groceries.

We need our legislators to know that mobile app rideshare and delivery drivers want to stay independent contractors and urge them to fix Dynamex to protect their flexibility and independence.

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