We are asking our elected leaders to FIX AB 5 for all of us.

We are freelancers, independent contractors, impacted businesses, non-profits, and organizations across California that are impacted by AB 5 that went into effect on January 1, 2020 and the 2018 California State Supreme Court decision known as Dynamex.

Protect Our Livelihoods…Stop Our Economic Distress

We are experiencing economic distress and uncertainty. Businesses are cancelling contracts…there is confusion as to whether we can continue our profession as a sole proprietor …we are all losing work.

Impacts to Freelancers Across Professions
• Losing work
• Less pay
• Losing contracts
• Limited new work opportunities

Impacts to California Communities
• Cancelled art and music productions
• Loss or reduction of non-profit programs
• Harm to youth programs
• Limit to health care access

Did you know that California alone has nearly 2 million men and women who choose to be independent contractors?

Fix AB 5

We need to fix AB 5 to end economic hardship and allow freelancers to continue to earn a living. 


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