Californians’ right to choose to work as an independent contractor or freelance is at risk due to an unprecedented Court decision. 

Today, Californians choose to work independently for many reasons: flexibility, quality of life, more control over their work, more economic security, extra money on the side, or simply because they enjoy it.

We need the State Legislature to protect our freedom to work independently.

It is time to modernize our laws to reflect the way Californians are choosing to work today.

Did you know that California alone has nearly 2 million men and women who choose to be independent contractors?

Protect Our Freedom to Work Independently.

Californians choose to be independent contractors in nearly every industry including real estate, healthcare, education, child care, financial planning, agriculture, beauty, entertainment, writing, technology development, insurance, and transportation. Even Californians who choose to be a franchisee to operate a store are independent contractors.


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